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Blockchain Development

dApp Design, dApp Development and Smart Contract Authoring

Cryptocurrency Development

Cryptocurrency Design, Cryptocurrency Network Development and Cryptocurrency Minning Infrastructure Development

ICO Services

ICO White Paper Authoring and Design.

Digital Marketing and Promotion and ICO Listing Services.


Ethereum dApp Development

We are experts in Ethereum distributed application design and development

Smart Contracts Development

We are well-versed in Solidity and we build complex smart contracts

Smart Contract Audits and Security Enhancement

Our security experts can audit smart contracts and fix security flaws

ICO & IEO Development Services

We can help you formulate an idea, develop it in to a viable ICO offering and write a Whitepaper

Marketing & Promotion of ICOs and IEOs

We can promote your ICO or IEO in the Cryptoverse and also help with digital marketing

Delightful design of web and marketing materials

Our full suite of services include delightful design of web and digital content


We are Blockchain and Cryptocurrency enthusiasts who are passionate advocates of this new technology. We are fascinated by the endless possibilities of Blockchain and decentralized applications.

As technologists, we are also enthusiastic contributors to the many projects in this space and we have helped many of our customers with their Blockchain development and ICO journey. Talk to us to find out more. We would love to hear from you.


Vivek Aanand Ganesan

A crypto expert who has worked on Blockchain and distributed applications

Sumi Shan

Marketing and Operations specialist with a passion for Blockchain innovation


Seasoned technologist with years of blockchain development and engineering experience

Raymie Stata

Silicon Valley veteran, former CTO of Yahoo, and investor and advisor to cutting-edge startups

Ellen Salisbury

Engineering leader, Investor, and Advisor to cutting-edge Enterprise tech companies

Dr. Prema

A seasoned manager and investor with years of experience in mentoring growth stage startups

About Us

"Idea2ICO" is an expression of our passion and faith in the power of the Blockchain and Blockchain-based technology to transform our world and the way we live, work, play, and learn.

We have been a part of this exciting journey and we wish to help our fellow entrepreneurs and investors with quality advice and research.

Contact us for:

  • ICO Listings
  • ICO Research
  • Cryptocurrency Design
  • Cryptocurrency Research
  • Ethereum dApp Development
  • Blockchain App Development